The New Lenna

Connecting Salamanca. Ensuring Heritage.

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Meet Lenna owners, Lloyd and Jan Clark.

Together they have restored Lenna to its historical best over their 30 plus years of ownership and management. Lloyd and Jan have methodically maintained and nurtured this heritage property and built its reputation as one of Tasmania’s leading tourism establishments which continuously exceeds visitor expectations. A quality heritage setting, with modern accommodation, fine food and wines, and warm and enthusiastic staff typify the Lenna experience.

Strong customer demand for the quality visitor experience provided at Lenna has encouraged Lloyd and Jan to further expand their business, while maintaining heritage values and the same high standards of service excellence expected from this family owned and operated business.

What we have is two proud Tasmanians continuing their drive for excellence while displaying outstanding stewardship of this heritage property. We are pleased to introduce you to the new Lenna Courtyard development.

Please navigate your way through the website to discover how the Design Team, under direction from Lloyd and Jan, have incorporated the new Lenna into the existing site. Everyone associated with the Project is proud of the result and we welcome your support moving forward.

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Discover the results of intelligent planning by expert architects
Local Priorities

A Tasmanian collective ensures community values.
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Lenna’s Rich History

Ensuring heritage with original views remaining undisturbed.
Design Statement

A more in-depth look at the new Lenna project.

A Tasmanian Collective

Local Priorities. Community Values.

The team for the new Lenna project remains almost exclusively based in Hobart, ensuring local community values are maintained.

Project Team
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The Lenna site offers an opportunity for the extension and continuation of Salamanca Place's memorable character.

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A Heritage Safeguard

Ensuring Heritage View Lines.

The views to the original Lenna building from the Runnymede Street corner are undisturbed (the 1973 hotel building having largely obscured the original mansion).

Lenna's History

The new Lenna aims to not only maintain Salamanca’s heritage, but also add to it’s legacy.